About Us

     Are you wanting more from your hot rod, truck, or daily driver? Come to Classy Chassis lets us put a new spin on your carbureted gas guzzler with a fuel injection system, or really up the horsepower with a supercharger or turbo system. We can also increase reliability and fuel efficiency with ignition upgrades. We can turn that old car or pickup into something that can handle any driving  desires you are searching for with IFS, disk brake conversions, airbag, and or coil over suspension while increasing the safety, handling, and dependability not to mention the overall value when all is said and done.


     For those with newer vehicles come see what we can do with the latest and greatest performance enhancements to make your ride stand out and create an overall personal extension of your character that is demonstrated with performance, sound, and appearance.

     What sounds good to you 400, 600, or even 800 street-able horsepower sky's the limit at Classy Chassis come by and visit with us at 1015 Elk St Rock Springs.

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